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For more than 2 decades, Fantech has been researching, designing and bringing to market "Ventilation Solutions" that ensure better indoor air quality in the buildings where we work and live. Core products include - Inline fans for bathroom exhaust, dryer boosting and radon mitigation. -

A full line of indoor air quality equipment such as Heat Recovery and Energy Recovery ventilators and Whole House Hepa Filtration. - Larger CFM fans for commercial applications such Inline Centrifugal Fans for Round, Square and Rectangular Duct, Exterior Mounted Centrifugal Fans for Wall and Roof, Multi-Port Centrifugal Fans, Low-Silhouette Axial Fans and Air Curtains. Since its founding in 1987, Fantech has focused on becoming a leader in the air movement/ventilation industry. 

Greenheck is the leading supplier of air movement and control equipment that includes fans, dampers, louvers, kitchen ventilation hoods, and energy recovery and make-up air units. Greenheck equipment is used in all types of commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings in applications from comfort ventilation to manufacturing processes.


The ND series of Ultra-Zone dampers was designed with the installer and homeowner in mind. This damper is easy to install and easy to checkout. The LED display allows the installer to visually check the damper operation. With a sturdier frame, the damper installs in the duct much faster and easier and the nylon bushings insure quieter operation. This is a feature that homeowners will never hear about! Quieter operation and a longer life motor equals NO call backs.
The motor for the ND damper is driven by 17 in. lbs. of torque, possesses a manual gear release, 3 wire power open/power closed operation and fail-safe LED’s for quick diagnostic checks. The motor is UL listed and NEMA Class 2 certified. The easy access, quick connecting terminal block eliminates the need for wire nuts and allows for trouble free use. The ND damper has a 97% leak proof rating. Overlapping blades and a strong positive off motor insures accurate control of all zones. The ND dampers combined with the Ultra-Zone zoning system provides the most comfortable and reliable system in the industry.


If your organization is like most, energy expenses account for more than 25 percent of your total operating costs - costs usually regarded as a fixed expense. The fact is, Honeywell Energy Management Services can help you control and dramatically reduce those costs - often by 30 percent or more. We can even provide a written guarantee of savings through a guaranteed performance contract. Your organization can use those energy savings to improve your facility, make capital investments and improve your bottom line.

Honeywell Solutions for Commercial & Industrial Buildings


Furnaces What is a Furnace? A traditional home comfort system has two parts: an outdoor unit, such as an air conditioner or heat pump, and an indoor unit. The furnace is the indoor unit that heats and circulates warm air through your home in the winter, and in the summer, it takes the cool air from the outdoor unit and works as a fan to circulate it throughout your home. The indoor and outdoor units are designed to work together. And when the furnace is properly matched with a heat pump or air conditioner, the result is maximum efficiency and extended system life.

Furnace heating ability is gauged with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) percentage. A higher AFUE percentage indicates a more efficient furnace. The efficiency of a furnace is rated using a percent of AFUE. A gas furnace uses natural gas, although some models can be converted to utilize propane. An oil furnace uses heating oil. An electricity source is required to run the control systems, blower and some accessories. York offers a wide variety of gas and oil Furnaces in different sizes and efficiencies.


Each Commercial Comfort System features Johnson Controls rooftop units, featuring industry -leading efficiencies and environmentally responsible 410A refrigerant. The commercial HVAC system is designed to “arrive alive” so that it can be self-installed by the HVAC contractor. And the color LCD touch screen display makes it easy to use. The end result is a comfortable and cost-effective commercial heating and air conditioning solution.


Honeywell features a wide variety of both programmable and non-programmable thermostats, with features like the following: High-definition full-color display • Interview-based programming - practically programs itself • Adjusts temperature from anywhere in the home (With Portable Comfort Control)


"Split System" Heat Pumps: A split system heat pump keeps homes comfortable all year long. In summer, it draws heat out of your home to cool it. In the winter, it draws heat from outside air into your home to warm it. Many heat pumps have a booster electrical-resistance heater that automatically heats outside air even more. Outside air always has heat in it -- even at very low outdoor temperatures. Like a central air conditioner, a heat pump includes a compressor, fan, outdoor coil, indoor coil, and a refrigerant. The efficiency of heat pumps is rated using SEER (for cooling efficiency) and HSPF (for heating efficiency). A heat pump uses electricity as its power source.
Watch video about heat pumps form York>>


Hybrid Comfort Systems Make Comfort Personal (NAPS) - With energy costs on the rise, homeowners are looking for ways to save money on their heating bills without sacrificing their family's comfort. Thankfully, there are choices. Hybrid comfort systems, sometimes referred to as dual-fuel systems, offer homeowners the option of switching between two heating technologies to provide the most comfortable indoor air and the chance to save money on cold weather utility bills. During mild days, an electric heat pump can be used as the primary heat source, and on the coldest days, when outdoor temperatures drop to a point where the heat pump is no longer efficient, a high-efficiency gas furnace, instead of an electric resistance heater, provides supplemental heat.
This hybrid, or dual-fuel, system helps ensure comfortable indoor temperatures while balancing the utility load between electricity and natural gas for the most economical operation. According to experts at Johnson Controls, this pairing of systems can provide homeowners with more personalized comfort and save them up to 40 percent on their energy bills by taking advantage of the most economical source of heat based on weather patterns.



General Honeywell
Why Should You Improve Your Home’s Air Quality? You want a comfortable home and peace of mind for your family. But what about your home’s indoor air? A study conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found that indoor air can actually be more polluted than the air outdoors.
Considering that most Americans spend up to 90 percent of each day indoors—more than half of that time at home—you may be experiencing indoor air pollution without even knowing it. Today, homes are sealed more tightly to conserve energy. Unfortunately, this seals in mold, pollen, bacteria, and other pollutants. And since the U.S. EPA ranks indoor air pollution among the top five environmental risks to public health, many homeowners are concerned.
Fortunately, there’s a solution to most indoor air quality problems. In keeping with our dedication to design and innovation, we’ve partnered with Honeywell—a name trusted worldwide for quality home products. The goal: To provide you with a Total Comfort solution that will improve and refresh the air in your entire home. It’s just one more way York wants to help make your family comfortable.

Electronic Air Cleaners

The York® UVC Germicidal Light was recently selected by a panel of industry professionals to be awarded as an Honorable Mention in the Indoor Air Quality category of the 2009 AHR Expo Innovation Awards Competition. With York® products, you can be confident you are selecting high quality, pioneering equipment and components.

Media Air Filters

Most houses with forced-air furnaces have a standard furnace filter made from loosely woven spun-glass fibers designed to keep it and its ductwork clean. Unfortunately, they don't improve indoor air quality. That takes a media filter, which sits in between the main return duct and the blower cabinet. Made of a deeply pleated, paper-like material, media filters are at least seven times better than a standard filter at removing dust and other particles.

An upgrade to a pleated media filter will cleanse the air of everything from insecticide dust to flu viruses. Compressed, media filters are usually no wider than six inches, but the pleated material can cover up to 75 square feet when stretched out. This increased area of filtration accounts for the filter's long life, which can exceed two years. The only drawback to a media filter is its tight weave, which can restrict a furnace's ability to blow air through the house. To insure a steady, strong airflow through the house, choose a filter that matches your blower's capacity.

Air-to-Air Heat Recovery

Indoor air quality problems have soared since the late 1970’s when construction technology succeeded in developing energy efficient "tight" houses. Pollutants inside houses, which once escaped through cracks around windows and doors, are now trapped inside creating an indoor environment that is often 2 to 5 times more polluted than outside. Pet dander, mold spores, dust mites, allergens, tobacco smoke and other pollutants add up to poor indoor air quality.