Schedule Routine Maintenance & Check Air Filters

Proper maintenance is arguably the most important factor in having your HVAC unit run efficiently, thereby saving you money.

Schedule an annual system checkup with a fully licensed cooling professional to inspect all the components of the system, diagnose and fix minor issues before they worsen and free the unit from dust build-up with a thorough cleaning.

The work isn’t done after the technician leaves. Set a reminder to replace the system’s air filter regularly based on recommendations in the unit’s owner’s manual.

Dirty air filters restrict airflow to and from the system, making your AC work harder to achieve the temperature set by the thermostat. Dirty air filters are hazardous to those in the home with respiratory issues, so staying on top of your filter is doubly important and can save you money on your utility bill.

Avoid Overuse

Turn the system off or down when no one is in the home and at night to prevent overworking the system and possible breakdowns. Ensure the wiring and batteries are properly installed to avoid power issues.

Close blinds during the day and open windows at night to take advantage of the natural cool air when the sun sets.

Lastly, make use of your ceiling and standard fans to cool the home, whether you’re home or not.

Check Vents and Ducts for Debris

Clogged ducts will make your AC unit work harder and can create an unhealthy environment for those with allergies and respiratory issues.

Periodically check your ducts to make sure they are free of debris and dirt.

Also, never cover up vents with furniture, curtains, etc. Doing so will block the flow of air, causing higher temperatures in the home and forcing your air conditioner to cycle on more than what is necessary.

Adjusting Thermostat Setting

In the summer months, raise the temperature on your thermostat by a few degrees to decrease the amount of time your AC runs during the day.

Many modern thermostats include a programmable option which will help avoid overworking your system. Avoid placing lamps, TVs and other heat-producing items near the thermostat to avoid false readings.

Get peace of mind with Van Grol Inc Cooling System Repair Program

Most HVAC Cooling systems last between 10 – 25 years with proper preventative maintenance.* However, despite regular maintenance and upkeep, sometimes things happen. When unexpected problems occur, Van Grol Inc is there to help get your system back up and running smoothly again.

By enrolling in a home protection program, you will gain coverage for a variety of AC components, including the blower motor, fan, circuit board and more.

Plans provide 24/7 support line available 365 days a year ready to respond to your calls, and prompt repairs by a fully licensed, insured local contractor.

Contact us or call (845) 258-4600 to learn more.

*Statistics from Not independently verified by AWR.